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About Me

I am a freelance translator named Thomas T. Frost. I have lived and worked in Denmark, England, France, Luxembourg and Germany and used English, French, and Danish as working languages notably in IT, freelance writing, tourism, relocation, and translation.

  • Native languages: Danish and British English.
  • Second language: French as it used in France. Proficiency.
  • Comprehension of Norwegian.
  • Some comprehension of Swedish.
  • Basic German skills.

Apart from simply delivering a translation, providing a personal, friendly, and reliable service is an integrated part of the way I work. Organisation, punctuality, reliability and attention to detail come naturally to me.

At a Glance

Lived & Worked in:

  • Denmark.
  • England.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Luxembourg.

Working Languages:

  • Danish.
  • English.
  • French.

Other Online Presence:

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IT Career, IBM Mainframe:

  • Programmer: 2 years.
    Danish and English used.
  • Systems specialist: 17 years
    out of which IBM: 12 years.
    English (17 y.), French (3 y.) and Danish (10 y.) used.

Freelance Career:

(overlapping periods)

  • Translation: 7 years.
    Danish, French and English used.
  • Personal assistant: 6 years.
    French and English used.
  • Freelance writing: occasional.
    English used.
  • Tourism: 6 years.
    French and English used.
  • Web editor, webmaster:
    11 years.

Translation: Specialist and Typical Working Subjects:

  • Administration.
  • Business, commerce.
  • Cars.
  • Correspondence.
  • Electronics.
  • Horoscopes, esoterica.
  • IT.
  • Politics.
  • Psychology.
  • Tourism, travel.
  • User manuals.
  • Websites.


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  • Typical prices are shown below. However, please note that only a quote based on the actual text to be translated is binding. Please note: no sale to consumers.

    per source word
    (exclusive of VAT)
    From French to Danish €0.10
    From Danish to British English €0.09
    From English to Danish €0.09
    From French to British English €0.09

  • Significant formatting work required will be charged at the rate for Other Linguistic Services.
  • Minimum price per order: €20.00 exclusive of VAT.
  • Payment methods and terms: see terms and conditions.

Word count: The number of words is in most cases determined by Microsoft Word's or MemoQ's word count, but particular texts may require exceptions, such as for example in case of a many numbers or names which don't require translation.


  • MemoQ Translator Pro, which enables me to handle the most common formats including, but not limited to:
    • SDL TradosTag (.TTX)
    • SDL Trados / Wordfast Classic bilingual RTF (.RTF or .DOC, pre-segmented)
    • SDL Worldserver XLIFF (.XLZ)
    • SDL Studio package (.SDLPPX)
    • Handoff packages (.MQOUT)
    • Handback packages (.MQBACK)
    • STAR Transit project (.PXF, .PPF)
    • TIPP package
    For a complete list of supported formats, see MemoQ: Supported file formats.
  • Memsource Editor: free version; may require a server-side linguist licence
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Language Pack that includes Danish, French and English
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4 (successor to FrontPage)
  • Microsoft Expression Design 4
  • Notepad++

Other Linguistic Services

€35.00 exclusive of VAT per hour. Please note: no sale to consumers.
Minimum price per order: €20.00 exclusive of VAT.
Payment methods and terms: see terms and conditions.